Our Projects


High Speed Rail image

High Speed Rail

Fresno, CA

Adobe Lumber is pleased to be a part of California’s High Speed Rail Project connecting the Bay Area with Southern California.
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Column Forms image

Column Forms


Here is a sample of column forms that our customers have ordered that can be used for various projects.
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Old Sacramento Boardwalk image

Old Sacramento Boardwalk

Sacramento, CA

When it’s boardwalk needed a remodel, Adobe Lumber was there to provide materials and support.
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San Francisco Subway Tunnel image

San Francisco Subway Tunnel

San Francisco, CA

Adobe Lumber is proud to partner with the San Francisco Transportation Agency to provide materials for the Subway Tunnel.
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Oakley Recreation Center image

Oakley Recreation Center

Oakley, CA

Adobe Lumber provided material for this amazing recreation center and is very pleased with the outcome and happy to be a part of the community.
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Home Rebuild After Fire image

Home Rebuild After Fire

Northern California

Adobe Lumber is honored to be a part of rebuilding the North State after several devastating fires in the region
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