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4-Sided Capped Polymer Decking

Bring stylish sophistication and premium performance to your backyard with Azek® decking. Made from the most advanced material technology in both the cap and core, TimberTech Azek® decking offers unbeatable moisture resistance, up to 40% better slip resistance than competitors, and stays cooler on sunny days. All boards are made from a complex blend of up to 54% recycled material. Available in narrow, standard, and wide widths as well as MAX thickness, it's easy to design a truly one-of-a-kind deck with AZEK.


Harvest Collection®

The Harvest Collection® ties in traditional, cathedral wood grain patterns with a soft, solid color palette that complements a wide range of homes' exteriors. Enhance your beautiful backyard with the nature-inspired Harvest Collection.

*Multi-width options are available in Brownstone and Slate Grey

1” x 5.5” Standard sized deck boards in grooved and solid

1” x 7.25” Wide, solid deck boards

*MAX boards are available in Slate Grey. Perfect for docks, boardwalks, and many commercial applications.

1.5” x 5.5"


Slate Gray SampleBrownstone SampleKona Sample

     Slate Grey             Brownstone                 Kona


Landmark Collection®

New to Azek® comes their Landmark Collection® bringing a modern, refined look that is based off of the beauty of reclaimed wood. This capped polymer decking features a classic cathedral grain pattern complemented by a rustic crosscut grain. Each color boasts a matte finish with sophisticated highlights and lowlights that run end-to-end and board-to-board with cascading hues that result in a natural color variation. And just like in nature, each board varies and creates an unique appearance with no 2 boards looking alike. The Landmark Collection® marks the first time TimberTech Azek® has applied its proprietary color-cascading technology to capped polymer boards and are backed by an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty and a 50-year limited fade and stain warranty.

*Available in standard width (1" x 5.5")


CAstle Gate SampleAmerican Walnut Sample

    Castle Gate      American Walnut



Vintage Collection®

Turn your outdoor living space into a sophisticated masterpiece with Azek® Vintage Collection®. Rich, natural-looking colors with a wire-brushed, low gloss finish give these deck boards a truly authentic, timeless look of traditional wood. With a Class “A” flame spread rating and limited 50 year fade and stain warranty, the Vintage Collection® promises a stylish deck that will last beautifully for years.

*Multi-width options are available for Azek® Vintage Collection®

1” x 3.5” Narrow, solid boards

1” x 5.5” Standard sized deck boards in grooved and solid

1” x 7.25” Wide, solid deck boards

*MAX boards are available in Coastline. Perfect for docks, boardwalks, and many commercial applications.

1.5” x 5.5”

Coastline SampleEnglish Walnut SampleWeathered Teak SampleMahogany SampleDark Hickory SampleCypress Sample

   Coastline             English Walnut     Weathered Teak     Mahogany         Dark Hickory         Cypress      



Azek® Porch

Elegant and durable with warm, natural-looking, and nuanced colors round out the Porch Collection to help create an inviting space to greet guests or simply lounge. Protected by Alloy Armour Technology™ and a 30-year fade and stain warranty, these porch boards promise a lasting beauty for you and your neighbors to admire for years. Come home to the charm of a traditional porch using high-performance materials. Azek® Porch's narrow board profile, smooth surface, and interlocking tongue-and-groove connection are available in a variety of wood grain patterns and colors.

*Available in standard width (1" x 3.125")  in all 6 colors

*Wide width (1" x 5.5") available in Coastline, Weathered Teak, Mahogany, and Dark Hickory


Coastline Porch SampleWeathered Teak Porch SampleMahogany Porch SampleDark Hickory Porch SampleSlate Gray Porch SampleOyster Porch Sample

   Coastline            Weathered Teak       Mahogany        Dark Hickory           Slate Gray                 Oyster


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